Hello part time job!


im tireddddddddd!!! so fckn tired!!!!! 3 days part time work and taking all my energy..let me rewind

friday – my first day part time job in Jco, started work on 10am. got up at 7! then took the 8am bus and arrived at pavillion Jco at 10am!! with 9rm for my transport fee..i guess it’s too much for my only fckn 4rm per hour salary..bcos it’s only my first daywork, i only got to work until 3pm..although it’s only until 3pm but i got home at 6pm, can u imagine that? n the worst thing was i got to stand right from the beginning until the end of my shift fiuh…

saturday – my shift started from 2pm to 8pm..i know u can guess what time i got out from my house..yeah 2-3 hours bfore my shift stared, it’s 11am something n arrived home at 10pm something..very tired

sunday – started from 11am to 8pm..i only had my break not more than half an hour..tired tired tired..and it was raining when i got back..huh

picture by : cyberdurian.blogspot.com


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