Ordinary Tuesday


* woke up at 7.30am (need to work lol)

* had twice brekfast haha. koko krunch at home n Lemon chicken fried rice at KL Sentral foodcourt

* arrived at j.co at 11am, my shift started (this is my last day working there,my sem is going to start,so i have to say goodbye to part timing lol) end my shift at 5pm then straightly went back home

* mmm,i cut a queue tday hahaa..it’s just not like me but actually it was not my fault

* arrived home at 7pm something if im not mistaken

* online “not changing the  *** pm” so worried but afraid n dun wanna text *** to ask

* no news from *** ,haiz…

ps: tomorrow is my enrollment day for new sem! haiz,hate it,we need to get into a long queue!!!


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