China fireworks Saturday


* URGH i cant sleep,woke up few times n ended up awake at 9 sumting am

* jz sat infront of my laptop,browsing chatting n others (mostly browsing) until lunch time,nothing special

* chat with badman and he hurt my feeling!AGAIN!i knew that that is wat he wants,made me hate him..but im trying not to..

* then at 8.30pm we(my whole housemates) went to watch the Malaysia International Fireworks Competition which is by China tonite…for me it’s awesome! i dunno wether its better than the malaysia’s one last tuesday cos i saw them both in different position and angle… (pictures coming soon)

* ahh,1 more thing, *** was there as well with siblings and frens to watch the fireworks..really wanna meet *** but *** was on the other side of the bridge..fiuh,jz like wat happen in my relationship with ***,a bridge that seperate me from ***…

*im hungry…


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