Salary Monday n Shu Uemura Tuesday


* Sam’s class,he taught us to do css on notepad n a bit of dreamweaver,its quite interesting..ah,n i was late few minutes entering the class!haha

* went to KL to take my long-awaited-salary from Jco very happy ^.^v n they are still nice to me..thanks everyone,maybe i can come back next holiday but im sure u guys r not there anymore.. =.=

* after that i went to berjaya to watch movie,would like to watch “mirror” actually,but they dont have it there! suck! so i watched “wall-e”…he’s such a cute n funny robot! nice movie though


* went back home then watched another movie again! haha..i watched “Eternal Summer”,a Taiwan movie,loves it! but still,im quiet sad,again..with the ending..not a happy ending one..shit!


*i chat with badman after all his ignorence to me! and u know wat he did? he dedicated “apologize” song to me! how lovely he actualy..haha.. but to be honest,im happy 🙂


* no class but stillllll i woke up early,suck…

* i had a long chat with Kenn today hehee..quiet interesting..thanks Kenn 😀 and of course with *** although only a bit..*** got a part time work as a tutor! to make another income for here to support u!

* after that i went to 1u,the main reson is to support Martina as the top 10 finalist of Shu Uemura ‘something’ competiton…hehe sorry i forget the name with the side reason to watch movie!as always..hehee..want to watch 2 movies but for time reason,i only can watch either “Mirror” or “4bia”,i choosed “4bia” then..a thai horror movie,can say that i like the movie!not bad at all…


* after finished the movie then i joined Martina for the show,quiet a high class show..,oh,i drank 1 white wine n 1 red wine!something that i never did before,drank 2 glasses of wine! “sua pa kaw” hahaa..but who cares?! lol im not drunk at hall,just a bit headache..back to the show,Martina didnt win at all..haiz,no luck..but still “cheerz up girl!” top 10 is fantastic as well~ oh ya,there were 6 of us,im the only guy..cos im kind enuf to come n support her! hehe..

Martina n me infront of her work
Martina n me infront of her work
6 stickmen represented us
6 stickmen represented us by Martina lol

* show finished then night is over! went to have dinner then went back home..SLEEPY! arrived home around 00.00 but after back to home sweet home,i didnt go straight to bed(if i did,there wont be a post for the night) lol

* btw,Leo knew my blog!!!!!!! arghhhhhhhh..damn angry just know..but cant do’s ok,just fine,he knew most of my secret already….but luckily he said he wont bring any of this up again..thanks Leo for the understanding ^.^

sooo gudnite all!


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