Boring Wednesday n Shocking Thrusday


* no i got time to do my coursework-questionnaire n typography

* boring afternoon…just a so-call-chat with ***, *** was bz and like nothing to talk..haiz…

* was planning to go watch Canada’s fireworks but changed my mind at last and i regreat it!! the sound of the fireworks buzzing till here!!! hate it…then i continue with my boring evening myself..

* badman didnt feel like chatting..dunno why,maybe too tired but seems like he didnt want to chat with me..huhu..

* end the night with loneliness.HUH! actually before that we, ahenk hiro and i went outside to have supper or wateva it calls haha..why can i? because willy annd divan were off to they asked me to come out with them…thats ok~


* woke up early,got class at 9 sumting am n im not late this morning ^.^v

* kinda fun this morning lecture..watched PIXAR short animation films and learned more about Flash.ah and i was talking,ya talking,can be said the first real talk with my new classmate from China,Cheng Chao Yuan or Bill..he’s fun i guess haha..


* went home after the class with suma,willy,randy n angela but before that we were having lunch at Penang House. we Chat about work n future! hate it! cos im so scared with anything related to future especially mine! arghhh~ im very confused bout my life..

* went back to campus again for another class today which started at 4pm,the typography lecture,just showed progression and submission so the class ended quiet fast

* had a early-dinner with edo n batak at mamas (im hungry now) then back home to my usual useless activity

* badman still seems dont have mood to chat with me,dunno pretty alone again tonite

ps: ah ya,the shocking part for today are

1. we (multimedia class) already have to prepare our story board for the self promotion video assigment by next week!!!!! argggg~god damn it!

2. another assigment for typography class, the sketches of our display font from A-Z have to be finished by next week too!!! oh god damn it again!

im really sure i’ll be getting busier n busier from this week! good luck for me!!


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