Exhausted Friday n Boring Saturday


* woke up ,online,chat hehe..kenn was the first one to chat with me today and surprisingly he confessed to me that he already got a lover who stay in malaysia right now! dont know how my reaction shuld be..cos i never got a clue that he already got a lover =.=

* class at 11am, went out for bus late but luckily i didnt come late to class

* waiting for a long queue to have a tutor with the lecturer,Ms Maria and ended up she gave me “things” to do! huhu..(today i talked alot, i mean more, with that new student hehe..i dont know why but im quiet happy #silly#)

* then headed up to KLCC with Daniel and Edo to buy something (i think it was raining the whole day! love it~) the trip was quiet fun today~cant believe it haha..whoring to some places like iSetan to look for some shirts for edo,and of course i took my time to try one,Seed, i really love this shirt but unfortunately it’s too expensive for me haha..i even took pics at the changing room ^.^v

Seed collection lol
Seed collection lol

* after that shopping spree time,we went to have our dinner at sushi king! they forced me to…lol

edo n me
edo n me
daniel n me
daniel n me

* finished dinner then straightly went back home, felt very exhausted,dun knw why~~

* hoping can chat with badman when arrived home and yeah he’s there but still he’s avoiding me i guess..didnt talk much 😦 so upset..he rejected the song that i want to share with him..that’s hurt me lot!here come the sadness~


* woke up at 8.30 haiz..i still felt very sleepy but dont feel like sleeping again..so like usual,i sat infront of my laptop

* did my fckn typography assignment (and still  havent finish till now! others 2 assignment are waiting!!wtf!!)

* bored bored bored~~~~

* chat with kenn but seems like he kinda busy today,so it didnt feel like a “chat”

* leo went out tonight to his friend’s bday party,left me with hiro,cos the other 3 were going out as well..the both of us decided to went for a movie at alamanda..late for “Dead Race” on 7.45 pm then ended up with “4bia”,again, at 9.15pm cos Hiro wanted to see it, he paid for mine

* went back at 11pm something and almost late for our last bus to cyber hahaa..but luckily we did it for the last bus! thanks God lol

* ended the day by did some more for my typography then went back home

ps: i sent a message to ***,asking what *** was doing…*** was at the zoo negara with lover. im so jealous,very fckn jealous.. ><;


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