Awesome Sunday night


* woke up around 9am

* just like my any other daily activity,online,chat and continue doing my coursework until lunch time. after that i went to Leo’s room and continue doing my work, hiro was there as well doing his works (just cos he got problem with my other housemates which used to be very close)

* then we felt a bit bored so i asked them to take some pics with my webcam! lol we took around 33 pics with different “somewhat poses”, here they are!

* okay,then,later on was the night for Spain fireworks! actually i didnt really have a plan to go watch it cos i still confused wether to go or not cos i got no company but THEN~ my lovely housemate,leo asked me to join him and his PCG to go watch the fireworks- so without think any longer i said yes to him (n this was really a right answered!) oh,n with hiro joining us as well

* we went o have dinner first at “Kopitiam” which near cyberia before we headed to PICC~ after finished we straightly went to putrajaya and wait for another friends in other cars which are Wei kiat(henry) and Clement(i hope im not wrong with the spelling lol)

* actually,leo and i thought that the way to PICC had been closed but luckily we were wrong! we successfully enter to PICC!! woah! but there were already a tons of people~nvm

* oh ya before i move on to the story,i would like to introduced “we” who were there

me-hiro-victor-leo-lee yi
me-hiro-victor-leo-lee yi

me = ya,that’s me

hiro = silly , crazy and a bit “ba ba”,seldom get mad one

victor = first impression,cool~ later impression,crazy! just knew him for few hours but i can see how crazy he is hahaa..but he is real fun! and he is kind as well~

leo = my one and only housemate hahaa..he’s the one who brings me to these people lol

lee yi = first impression,nice~ later impression,funny and talkative! haha..she’s fun as well,she really love to talk and make fun with victor while he’s driving, and of course she’s kind ^.^

Wei kiat(Henry) = i knew him already from leo but never talk much,from what i know he can be so much fun as well~ and a very kind person if u already knew him well

Clement = i didnt know much about him,he’s kinda quiet when we out there

* back to the trip! the fireworks started around 10pm,if im not mistaken~i love this one better than the previous one maybe cos i saw it from the middle hahaa..after a while,the wind started to blow and here come the rain! urgh~ i didnt move a bit from where i stand cos im still recording the fireworks,n luckily on my right side, there a guy with his gf and with the big umbrella haha..lucky me~ but stillll infront of me there’s this mfckr photographer which really block my view! uhhhh~

* ended up all of them were wet! haha~ really lucky me..

wet wet wet after the fireworks finished
wet wet wet after the fireworks finished

* after that,victor drove us back to Desaria to change their clothes (gave us some moon cake and told us the ghost story inside their house,freaky!) then we ended up for supper at McD and luckily they played Beijing Olympic Closing Ceremony wahaha~then we went home around 2am


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