Carre-four Tuesday n Mirrors Wednesday

Because i skipped the monday’s highlight, i would like to sum all up wat monday was about, NOT IN A GOOD MOOD~ yea,that was last monday all let’s move on to our others’ highlight


* woke up like usuall, around 9am and kept my laziness until i felt enough then did my coursework~

* had lunch with hiro and ahenk cos both of them didnt have class as well

* then later at night i asked or can be said forced edo to accompany me to alamanda to shop at carrefour~

* so nothing really special today


* woke up at 8.15!! dunwan! i slept again till 9.30 hehe..

* lunch with edo cos i already promise to lunch with him today

* actually i didnt have any plan to go out today but suddenly i asked edo to go to 1u at 3pm! haha~ so we went straightly to 1u after finished lunch and changed our clothes

* i watched “Mirrors” and edo watched “Dont Mess With Zohan”. “Mirrors” is quiet ok,not bad,always trying to shock u and it works ==”


* had KFC for dinner n i bought some cheap cheap sushi for my supper tonite haha..

* i chat with this funny,38 guy who call himself as the king of dolphin –> Victor Phin,such a funny name wih phin from dolphin behind his name~ lol..oh gosh,this guy is really funny and very cute when he talks haha~did i just say cute???hahaa..he likes to call people “darlin” but i think u better only call 1 person darling le~hahaa.. we started our chat with sumting about ass! hahaaa, ass as assignment not the ASS ^.^

i quoted these sentences when we chat, and with no shame he let me published it when i said i want to quote his words! hahaa~ sohai~


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