Happy Thrusday n Happy Australia Friday


* really didnt feel like wake up…only slept for 3-4 hours..but got class at 9,no choice! then i was like a vampire walking in the morning..

* got class at 9am but that botak Arif came late n let us wait for him until 10am,so nice..then later we got test n of course believable i cant do it! hiks…flash is quiet difficult to me n also because im not practice at home,so no wonder…another thing was,he told us that we already can start filming our video project by next week! oh shit!!! i havent even show him my storyboard cos i havent i got the whole idea..hiks again..

* should be went back home first before the 2nd class for today at 4pm..but i was quiet lazy that day, so i stay at campus with suma n rachel then we whoring around the campus hahaa..

* my typography class was quiet okay ,got a small presentation and tutorial for the dispaly font..that’s all~

* continuing my last conversation-chat with my new buddy ,phin2 until 3am haha..really love to chat with him~day by day i knew more about him n his crazinesssss~


* very difficult to open my eyes this morning..feels like i wanna sleep the whole day (which i know i cant) haha..got class at 11am but still i was late cos i need to go print my research bfore i entered the class..the tutorial was not really smooth cos i got a tutor with my lecture’s assistent not my lecture herself..

* having lunch at school with edo jess n sita and then went back home around 3pm

* went to watch the last fireworks tonite! it was the Australia turns for tonite..firstly,i was supposed to go with hiro to putrajaya central n wait for leo there then go together but hiro suddenly said he didnt wan to go,so i go by myself…then leo told me that he maybe late and cant made it on time! urghhhhh~ i went by myself again to the fireworks but luckily leo manage to come,great~

here’s some pics of the Australia fireworks that i took (not really nice but still ok~)

* then after the fireworks finish,i looked for leo and found him (sounds like he was missing~hahah) then i decided we hv to take our own pictures here so i put the tripod and started to talke! hahaa`….

me -Ali
ali n leo
ali n leo

ps : the winner of this competition is Spain with Malaysia at the 2nd place

pictures credit by me(Ali) dedicated to someone who ask for them ^.^


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