Shop till u drop Saturday


* woke up kinda late, again..cos i slept at 4am hehe.. replying email and sms-ing

* then we, me leo n hiro went to 1u to shop as we already planned but before that we went to fitness first first cos leo got an appointment to “chit chat” just like they are trying to get us into their club..but i did really interested hehe..

* after the intro to fitness first finished, we went to have our lunch at ikea,leo n i were having meat balls n chicken wings,hiro was having i-dunno-what-it-calls-burger. then we continue to the ikea itself after we finished,they need to buy somethin there

me leo hiro -Ikea

* next trip was the curve. stop by at Borders to check out some magazines and ended up buying one. leo pre-ordered the jk rowling novel n bought Twilight novel..then we went to Tough for ‘eyes shopping’ hahaa..

* the last trip was 1U. for the long story short

– i bought 1 IP Zone jeans (didnt bring much money cos i didnt intend to shop but at last i bought this jeans hahaa)

– leo bought Ayumi hamasaki cds (big 50% discount!),1 IP Zone white short,1 pair of an-extremely-expensive-shoes from SEED (its damn expensive for me! lol)

– hiro didnt buy anything here (i borrowed his money to buy that jean..hahaa..but he really didnt intend to buy anything as well)

– we had our pre-dinner at KZ or something??i forgot…leo n i shared 2 bowls of fruit ices and hiro had mie for his dinner

leo (absent sir!) lol
me n hiro
me n hiro

– the actual dinner we had in Shilin,they had the XXL chickens n i had the chicken ricebox set ( FULL)

me leo hiro - shilin

* then we head back to the bus station jz to found out that the bus jz left! haiz…so we went back inside 1U n whoring inside ZARA hahaaa..trying their things but didnt buy any,jz look at this shoot inside the changing room! hahahaa…so “narcis”  ^.^v

me n leo in action
me n leo in action
me n hiro in action
me n hiro in action

* after finished playing inside ZARA,we went back to the bus station and that was the end of our trip for that day 😀


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