After a boring day from the morning till night,finally we were having our night out with Victor,Karen and her sister Katrina. Actually,i dun know why it felt like awkward at first..we,hiro leo and i were kinda quiet when we were on the car (shuld be im the one who quiet not including both of them,but they were!) and of course the funny Victor and Karen culdnt stop joking and playing around..they were full of fun!haha~

Our first stop was the Kopitiam,to had our dinner ,i really cant open my mouth n jz chat like usual- i know what was happening there,i was nervous!-dun ask me why

dinner at Kopitiam (Leo me Katrina Karen Victor)

managed to take Victor’s cute pic, lol~

this one is cute~
this one is cute~

Then after the dinner, we started thinking of our next destiny, too late for movie so we decided jz to drop by at the Putrajaya, we took pics and joking around..Karen n Victor were awesome with breaking the ice! two thumbs up for them!!! ^.^

leo hiro victor me ^^ love this one~
leo hiro victor me ^^ love this one~
love this one as well! but its blur~ blame hiro =="
love this one vy much as well! but its blur~ blame hiro =="

then our last stop was the restaurant infront of Street mall,Rahim’s cafe (such a strange name hahaha~)…having drinks and chit chat there~

we ended the trip n went back home~

ps: thanks victor…for driving n others ..^^ and thanks Karen for being so funny.. ^^


6 thoughts on “Monday-Fun-Night

  1. u damn bad lor….. still dare to put my sakai face there…. n still dare to say i look cutie wor….. bcareful i rape u politely….. hehe

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