my Day n Night Tuesday


* woke up late around 10-11am,again ==”,ive been sleeping very late lately but i luv it actually ^^ have been in a holiday mode since saturday hoho..

* what’s the side effect from waking up late? LAZYNESS lol~, that can sum up all my day activities today..but i managed to do sumting usefull though

* how to make ourselves more alive? ive no idea…really so sienz today,i  already tried to play around with my photoshop but cant managed to do something good T.T huhu..

* then my day pass by with bored n there comes the night~ having dinner with Hirodc,lol..

* unfortunately,my nite was far different with my day! ^^ i was enjoying my nite by chatting~i nvr knew chatting can cause so much fun for so happy ^^v and one more thing that i nvr knew was fun as well, receiving message! hahaa.. (thanks 😀 )

* and like previous night,again, i slept around 3am sumting bcos of chatting..hahaa~

bcos i was bored ^^
bcos i was bored ^^

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