WEEK-long-END part II

now let’s move on to Saturday!

hmmm..this saturday..it was quiet alot happen to me this day..n the alot mean ALOT but maybe i cant share it all..peace ^^v

* because of last nite nite-out which ended at 5am,i was soooo lazy to wake up early but with the reason,i cant sleep,i woke up quiet early,seeing tat i slept at 5am~ the other reason is tat we made an appointment to meet at 11am,which i know it wont happen hahaa..n yeah,we met at around 1pm, lol~

* it was raining-(as my mood not very good,i keep quiet,sorry guys..) we headed to lunch around Kelana Jaya as Karen recomended there..we were having i-forget-what-the-name mee,hoho..a very big bowl n cheap..,got thick mee inside,vege,fishball,meat,ikan bilis(ikan teri~),mushroom,n others..

* after finished lunch, we headed to IKEA,IKANO,The Curve (actually all in one place)-(my mood’s not getting better but getting worse) we went for a walk inside IKEA and play around with their things,hoho..then ended up didnt buy anything..

* move to IKANO, we went to starbucks, ace hardware n Padini concept store. starbucks-hiro bought something there, ace hardware-hiro bought n broke the bulb there hahaha~ (oh gosh~ all eyes on him,n us actually who stand beside him lol),padini-i didnt go inside,only them (so angry this time because of something~) no need to mention wat happen next-it ruined my time

* then we move to The Curve, we went to BORDERS,leo want to find book- i still didnt talk to anybody-cos nobody talk to me-cos im so self-selfish (???),after i went around the BORDERS,i decided to wait outside,then there’s karen, she knows i was in bad mood so i decided to chat a bit with her (thanks karen ^^,u r a good listener,n of course i didnt say all my problem to her cos there’s sumting tat jz cant be share,she knew it too…really thanks alot :D)

* after chat with karen i felt much better..then i tried to open my mouth n talk when we were shooping at carrefour for our bbq tat nite..hehhehhe

* after finishd shopping and extra-bookstore-looking for leo,we went to had our pre-bbq-dinner at Sushi King ^^,luv sushi!

me hiro liyoo
karen n lee yiiii
karen n lee yiiii
victor phinnn
victor phinnn

* from Sushi King we move on to….

(to be continued~)


5 thoughts on “WEEK-long-END part II

  1. hiro – ya way too hot until gosong hahah
    leo – tats wat i was planning to do also,lol,hiro’s so embrassing~lol
    karen – lol~ yaya that “zoom zoom” pics maybe a lot hotter than this one

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