let’s start from Friday~

* another friday,another research for Design Research Class- im quiet lazy for this class actually,cos wat we have to do is research research n researchhh~ see,how not-me is tat.. today’s class we were having a ‘cinema’ at class,which playd “The Brothers Grimm” , quiet an interesting story for whoever who like fairytale but not like an usual one~ a scarier version…they combined alot fairytale inside such as Cinderella, Snow White, Frog prince, Hans & Grettel, n others. The story is abou these 2 brothers trying to fight against the village’c curse


* After class i was planning to go KL to meet up with fren who drop by here but it was cancelled because of something, sooo.. nvm~ still can meet sumother times

* then ended up i went to Alamanda accompany Hiro to buy table for his kitchen and we managed to watch “Death Race” before we go shopping for groceries n his table. This movie is cool,worth watching! if u like pumping ur adrenalin then this is one of that movie~ this movie is about a bunch of prisoner who have to race till death to get their freedom back and some others conflict in it. it’s cool! go watch it~


* i got sms from leo when we are in the middle of shopping, “Lee yi ask to go yum-cha”, then i was like “oh ok,why not…” leo was in his way back to cyber from office,Hiro cant make it cos he still got works to do

* then around 10pm they jz came, we started our “38” trip to kopitiam first as usual then go Alamanda for nite-visit lol~ wan to watch “Death Race” but bcos of ME who jz watch it then we decided not to watch movie ==” but go exploring Alamanda by taking pictures lol~

u see how silly we all are?? hahahaa~ (still lots lots of other pictures hoho)

* after finished exploring Alamanda, we went back to Cyberia, to our house with all of them then visited Hiro’s house as well and chit chat-ing till around 4.30am..wuihhh~

* end the day,slept at 5am (but cant sleep ==” , keep having sumting in my mind..) but unfortunately i can sleep bcos of too tired…

(to be continued~)


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