WEEK-long-END part IV

finally we come to the end of my long weekend post~ hehe..

* now this post will be more about “wat happened in hiro’s room”

* we move up to hiro’s room to chat – it was a bed to bed chat haha..cos everyone were in their bed position ady, ready to fall asleep lol~ still,with the ghost topic n other random topics we still can survive from closing our eyes..

* there’s three groups here (lol), it means 4 feets x 3 beds, karen with liyii of course on the ‘queen bed’, leo with victor-as leo asked and me with hiro on the ‘slave bed’ lol~

* well,i dunno when exactly the room was finally in silent..i was not really paying attention n i didnt do much talking already cos something started to annoyed me… til i closed my eyes to sleep..

* when i said finally in silent,it means we all stop talking..not stop to snore >.< lol~ it was hiro n victor who snored hehe..(i didnt know if i snored or not but i think i didnt..hoho)

* the next morning,i was awake because of too cold~ but i managed to sleep again until i really cant stand of ‘something’,i straightly decided to went back home and took a bath to refresh my head..

so i guess this is the end of this chapter.its a RAP~ thanks for everyone who play part in this story and the bla bla bla…~~~

hiro-ali-victor-leo-karen-lee yi

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