wahhhh ive been missing alot of my daily blogs! hoho..i know it must be boring to read all tat daily stuff,but who cares? its my f-blog~ hahaha..

maybe i’ll jz summarize what ive been doing…haiz..


* urm..woke “fckn lazy” up,soory for the language ^^v jz to found out that the class was cancelled…and the most annoying thing was,i was already on my way to school!!! yeeerrrr!!! then have to went back,of course,after i hunt around the school hehe..

* then jz like my usual routine,i chat n chat(so happy ^^) while doing my works in a lazy mood


* quiet dun like tuesday n wednesday when i dun hv plan..cos it’s so depressing when u are lazy and dun really hv sumting to do

* then i think i really did nothing for today except chat and sat infront of my screen whole day (maybe i did sum course work too lol)ohhh nonono..i went to school to help Annie for her video shooting! i jz remembered hehe..i became her model embrassed ><..

* tonite i was scared by two of my frens who happened to be in a bad mood..haiz..really made me worried…i really hope u guys never back to tat ‘bad mood’ again..i really do..

WEDNESDAY’s highlight

* another unplanning day…BORING day..but i managed to come up with one plan,go to Alamanda! hehe..went to buy something and go watch movie..its been a whilei hvnt go watch movie by myself or any other frens..cos ive been wanting to watch movie wit someone hehe…but still hvnt got tat chance yet..

* i watched “Babylon A.D”,not really a good one,jz ok..i really dun understand wat this movie trying to say ==”, even the producer/director himself said he didnt like this movie, so


* then,this night was quiet different with others..

“knowing truth is like getting tons of bridge falling down right to your head..but honesty is wat im really asking i really appreciate the brings us closer to each other..thanks a lot..will be my sweetest momory..the day i was sad n happy in the same time…”

* i ended my day with happiness.. ^^


4 thoughts on “Summarize~

  1. why is it that everywhere i go i see this palembang dude? oh hi ali! hiro’s probably fuming bout how im always so nice to you~ hahahahhaa~ palembang palembang palembang~ btw, are you still blonde? HAHAHAHA… i come here and i see ahbeng number 1 and ahbeng number 2. HAHAHAHA!!! leo we’re the only ones left with our NATURAL hair colour~ its so hip to be square!

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