Summarize~ part II


* really dun feel like waking up this morning,im very sleepY! i knew my botak lecture will be late like usual so i went to school late and the bus driver like supported me to be even later than wat i was expecting,the bus came late! and yeah,my lecturer were not there when i arrived..really no wonder at all..

* oh,it was LEE YIII’s bday! i got the chance to say happy bday in person today to her (jz like she is an artist ==” hahahaa) cos we, me,liyii n victor have class at computer lab on its like we can meet each other there..^^ really wish u a very happy bday ooo..but i know this post kinda late ady.and i know u ended up unhappy but keep cheerfull girl!! we’ll b here for u..

Lee Yi the bday girl!
Lee Yi the bday girl!

* it was their (liyi victor n frens) video shooting day..i was curious n wanted to see..but someone didnt let me to see their shooting..hehehe..he was shy he said lol~ so cute lar..but accidentally i met them at the stare when i was walking out of limkokwing hehe..gotcha! ^^

* btw,after my morning class finished, me n suma was like nowhere to go.i didnt wan to go back cos i felt like staying n staying n staying n staying n staying heheh..ok we jz whoring around campus then sat at the student service sofa until 3.30pm lol~

* the afternoon class was jz like showing her our work then hv a bit lecture then we can go back ady..such a waste,,hv to wait until 4 then jz go back..urgh ==!!


* go to 1U after class around 2 or 3 pm,cos i felt so damn boring n kinda bad mood so i rather go shopping to 1u than go stress at home ==”, oh i went there with Edo btw

* i bought 1 padini bag, face cleaner,and 1 more thing 1 forgot wat it is..n didnt watch movie cos i have no mood n edo wont accompany me,sooo wateva~

* i dunno wat else inside my mind except u n tons of my assignment of course hehe..

* i think nothing else important today,cos i cant remember anything else tat i did at night hehe..maybe chatting or wat..


6 thoughts on “Summarize~ part II

  1. yea la…
    karen toon, it might be can also be you…ehm..or maybe thai girl..ehm..or maybe…ahm…who ever la…or maybe that blonde-who-think-he’s-hot…^o)….ahm..leeyi?? or…ahem…victor…or…whoelse? clement? wei kiat? hahahaha~ sampat jor~~

  2. eo…. i do think tat the blonde who think he is hot is a niz name for u….. so please appreciate…. wakaka… unbelieveble…. it is so big!!!!! i can really see liyi big nose whole….. oh mygod….

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