* urgh! i got a replaced class today! can u imagine go to uni at saturday when u supposed to sleep and wake up late? now sleep is kinda priceless for me-in the morning of course..hohoho.. n the thing was, i hungry as hell!!!! i still can remember how it feels damn suffer~

* then later we,leo n me got a date with karen lol~ we went to 1u to meet up with her cos she’s back to PJ for the weekend (she was so excited when the weekend came butttt she said she was bored when she already home, so strange….hahaha)

* we went the Vietnam Kitchen for our lunch (its my third time eat there or fourth) but this time i dun have any pic of it..ahh then i jz post my last visit to vietnam kitchen pic

Vietnam Kitchen
Vietnam Kitchen

* then after the chit chat lunch, we decide to go watch movie..n karen got the honour to choose the movie..she already watched “The other bolyen girl” which i wish to watch, “the love guru” not in our choice at all, “money not enough” im not interested at tat movie tat time, and “Deception” was choosen among others..kinda borind cos i almost sleep inside not really a good choice i think


* finished wath movie then we go whoring the whole 1U,like Union Bay, Converse, Starbucks,TOPMAN,Bossini n lots lots other (actually i forget the shops’ name hehe) n there’s this i-dunno-wat-it-calls even or wateve where they build a castle,an arabian one with the sand n rock surrounding it,kinda we decided to take pics there! haha~

karen, liyo, me - arabian castle
karen, liyo, me - arabian castle

* dinner time~ dunno where to eat..then we all like bought different things to eat at the The Park which is dark like hell  with mosquitoes hahah..but we managed to eat safely…lol i bought shinlin rice box set, leo bought KFC sandwich n karen bought starbucks coffee ==”

* after tat we still went back inside 1u to look at Zara n play around…but not like tat time,jz FYI hohohoo…

* then we went back home at 10.30pm if im not mistaken..sumone got bad mood when we reached home,i was very sure it was not only my feeling..


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