* went to school with victor n lee yii around 9.15am,then took rapid back to cyber with my sleepy eyes,i couldnt sleep last nite but i was enjoying it ^^

* after home at cyber,seems like the world was spinnin around and around-really felt empty like dunno wat to think n do..eoo..boring was wat i felt this whole day till evening

* secret didnt remind as secret…nvm mind then..

* leo went back home tonite for other PCG nite

* tonite,actually victor were planning to go watch movie at Alamanda but his class and lee yiis one took all their time..n the thing was, we were hungry (im vy hungry cos i didnt hv lunch n dinnerno mood la to eat this whole day,haiz..)so we went to eat first at Secret Recipe and finished up around 10.30pm,so no more movie for us…failed to watch movie, again..

* got nowhere to go after finished dinner…so we went back to car and drive around,i sat at front sit (this was when my bad mood come all together…so i jz sat there silently) unfortunately they decided to lepak at cyber,hiro’s house (my mood was quiet ok here actually n i really dun know how others mood,it seems like okay) but we still have fun there i think…

ps: -sorry guys for always having bad mood when we hang out,i really didnt mean it…it was jz i have a lot in mind which i didnt expect for…

– n no pics for today >.<


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