* totally boring morning till evening

* then Karen came cyber to visit Leo around 10pm. after that,we went to yumcha at Kopitiam,had fun like usual ^^.. i realize that how boring my life would be if i never know u guys…

* slept around 5am


* class at 9am,woke up at 9.30 by an sms,damn it! then i had to hurry like hell,and walk like a zombie cos i was still damn sleepy,ended up everybody was late that day,i dunno why

* went back home then did my fckg assignments

* had yumchat at Kopitiam wit Victor,Karen n Lee yii at midnite.then they asked me to stay over desa cos i got no class on Tuesday so yeah,why not..head back cyber to take my things while they were refilling water.

* “really thank u guys for asking me to stay tonite ^^,my first overnite there wont be forgotten….”

* “….speechless………”


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