* i was quiet late to class today,cos really didnt feel like waking up..and im not feeling well as well..ended up my eyes couldnt resist to close at class ==!!

* went to Gomez clinic to check my recent condition-keep on vomitting after eat-cough like hell but the queue was too long..n i didnt feel like waiting so i jz went back..took taxi straight to home cos Cindy was waiting for me there

* then me n cindy went to Alamanda for lunch,after that i sent her to putrajaya central to take train to KLIA..we said cya there..

* went back home and moved all my stuff to Leo’s room,feel more alive there..cos i cant breathe in my small room

* later tat night,i overnite at Desaria,cos i didnt feel like to be alone,so i asked victor to pls picked me up…(someone hitchhicker victor’s car tat nite to desaria so we couldnt go out to eat)

* we ended up having dinner at infront of Desaria


* hate the feeling when i woke up,feel so damn burdened..feel so alone n empty..

* all of them got classes today until 6! so jz imagined wat i did tat whole day alone in the house..walking sitting laying sleeping around..couldnt do my other assignments cos i didnt bring them n couldnt proceed n didnt feel like doing

* then i jz whoring inside the house while waiting for them to back home..really miss Desaria..

* we went straight to dinner when they arrived Desaria,headed to IOI then decided to have Pizza Hut for dinner..after that jz go looking around IOI

* Note: they are damn 38 in the car when we were heading back home esc victor

* the night ended when i took the cough syrup which made me felt so sleepy..


* so confused whether to go with them to school n headed back home or not..ended up i didnt..karen also didnt attend n lee yi got class from 9-12,quiet fast today..

* having instant noodle as my lunch,victor cooked for me (thanks ^^) along with the chicken cooked by him (taste too sweet ><)

* the whole day jz spent at home,they are busy with their presentation tomorrow..n FYI,i hvnt had my dinner till hungry..

* this night is supposed to be my last nite here but because of sumting i didnt dare to ask…

* ended up victor sent me home in the middle of the nite around3am..i really thank u for tat..

“why should i be sad,u dont even need me.. but im really confused…”


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