Wednesday 1st October 08

* the third day of my mid-sem break/the fourth day of healing myself.. (everyone went back to hometown n vacation..actually they already did during the first day holiday,Victor went back to Seremban, Karen went to Singapore, Lee yii went to Vietnam, Leo’s coming home cyberia last nite)

* “im getting better…”

* soooo boring~~~ forgot wat time i woke up,all i remember is it was a very boring morning…

* try to concentrated with my assignments,sumwat i managed to do something

* oh ya,last i went to Alamanda with Hiro n Ahenk,i supposed to had my haircut tat nite but ended up the saloon was closed due to Hari Raya the next day..haizzzzzzz (n i still wit my long hair now T.T) feel like wanna bold up my head so i can feel lighter from all thoughts…

* had lunch and dinner late..very bery late,almost 12 midnite when we had our dinner

* went to sleep around 2am? cos i felt so damn bored wit my night T.T

Thrusday 2nd October 08

* the fourth day of my holidays

* woke up around 10am sumting n felt so dizzy n lazy..

* today we are planning to go out, still hvnt decided where yet until we reach putrajaya central. it was a very hottttt dayyyy damn damn hot!! urgh~ wait the bus at the bus stop can make u get mad because of this sht weather ==!!

* the 1u bust left us infront of our eyes! then we have to wait another hour for the next bus..haiz damn unlucky.it was 2pm ady,the next bus was 3pm then we arrived 1u around 4pm.eoooo

* went to shop abit (leo n ahenk,i didnt shop hehe) leo bought 1 discounted Topman Jeans jeans which made him damn happy later at night and ahenk bought 1 clothe,i forgot wat it called which cost one hundred sumting

* movie time! i hvnt watch movies lately cos i dint feel to watch anything alone…my hobby wasted because of a promised tat wont be fullfilled…we watched Eagle Eye btw..cool action! should go watch it!


* ah btw,we had lunch first before we went for shopping. after movie,we had dinner at Subway,quiet expensive only for sandwich. then we went to Tesco by taxi to bought things such as ball~ lol

* went back to bus stop around 10pm sumting,the bus left around 10.30pm n got stuck at the traffic light sumwhere around Kelana Jaya! they couldnt repair the damn bus..oh gosh~ another problem wit transportation today..sucks~ stuck more than1 hour..then luckily got the HSBC charter bus which can drop us at HSBC near cyberia..but we had to walk from HSBC to cyberia cos got no bus already..it was a round 2am if im not mistaken..

we asked ahenk to take pic for us lol~
we asked ahenk to take pic for us lol~

* reached home then went to clean myself…not really sleepy after that,still can chat and online for 2 hours hehe..

* “wish can get better n better in everything”


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