Yay~ Sunday

Sunday 5th October 08

* woke up n felt empty like i usually did around 9am? then i sms-ed n miss called hiro to ask whether he had already gone to KL or not cos he had to do research today, ended up he didnt reply me..but came here! no credit~ same old reason..

* we prepared n head up to KL – Leo n family just went to Genting by taxi around 11am – hot hot hot weather

* had our lunch at KL Central food court (hiro already started to spread his questionnaire around when we were at the bus stop at cyber)

* after that we went to Low Yat first, hiro need to do his research – i was helping him to take silly pics lol~

* next destination was Sunge wang-BB plaza, need to go to Victoria Music Store to buy S.H.E CD with ost CJ7 bonus CD hehe..their new FM S.H.E album is damn nice,trust me! check out their song on my previous post..favourite tracks : 安静了, 612星球, 宇宙小姐

S.H.E 11th Album - FM S.H.E
S.H.E 11th Album - 我的電台FM S.H.E
Bonus CD - OST CJ7
Bonus CD - OST CJ7
* the spontanious plan – cut hair! actually ive planned to cut my hair a million times ady but always it fuck up, so i jz straigtly went to 1 saloon there at BB plaza with hiro. i cut my hair,he colour his hair back to black. The result – my hair is different! kinda funny style lol~ dunno hv to love it or hate it..VERY short at the back
my hairrr
my hairrr
* after spent around an hour at the saloon, we went to watch movie at Berjaya Times Square. we watched “Painted Skin” at 5pm. and u know wat,we sat the the 2nd row from screen! damn~ a bit about the movie- the story is quiet slow at first, i cant really see how deep is their love to each other..but when came to the middle part of the movie,it started to show,their love for each other,when they have to sacrifice their life to the one they loved,it’s damn sad-for me… T.T

* finished movie, we went to have our dinner at the chinese restaurant behind Low Yat, quiet nice and not that expensive but they do speak chinese! hoho..

me n hirodc
me n hirodc

* after that we went back home with piece…hahah, quiet lucky with transportation n everything today ^.^V

ps: 3 wishes fulfilled today – cut hair. S.H.E album n watch Painted Skin!


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