when assignments mean lazyness

whoaaaaaaaa… this semester for me is really suck! urmm,cos its too free for me..or can be said im too lazy T.T..ya cos lots happened so i dunno its my fault or not..this whole semester i only got 4 subjects, less than last semester.n FREE on Tuesday n Thursday, so whole week only 3 days class ==”

my assignments till now!

* Into to Internet = website by css -> still in progress, havent done yet, submission shuld be on week 14

* Multimedia intro = flash video {(SUCK big time!) -> still in progress, havent done yet} flash interactive site {havent even started ==”}, submission on week 14!!!

* Design Research (another hated subject by me!) = journal n proposal, i ady lost my way to the proposal,urgh~ submission n presentation week 13!!!! oh shit~it means 3 more weeks to go

* Typography = 3 fonts and a nicely design booklet. 3 fonts ->done, the more than 14 pages booklet to go~

ta-rang~ T.T  i must jia you!


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