“while death penalty is waiting”-saturday

Saturday 11th October 08

* got another replacement class from monday, Intro to Inet, learned quet alot today

* later after class, me n hiro went to KL to meet leo and go for a walk, leo wanted to cut hair and i want to meet up with fren at pavillion,hiro jz came along for a walk

* bad day for transportation! waited long for rapid from school-ended up we used taxi to street mall, then hv to wait again for the 429, after reach putrajaya central, no E1 there! vy tired of waiting for bus again..TIRED! we went to KL by KLIA transit then..cost me 19RM 2 ways which supposed to be only 5RM if i used bus.but NVM, once in a while..(another 20 mins for the train to arrived,suck)

* at the train, a woman came approach us, asking way around KL..cos we were too kind (NOTE that lol~), we decided to accompany her to find a hostel then bring her along with us for lunch n short walk. her nama is Eddie or Edy or wateva tat sounds E-dy (supposed to be a guy name ==”) she’s chinese from Hongkong but she came to KL from CAMBODIA ( NOTE that again hahaa) she’s a teacher there..

* it was raining at KL..wet wet wettt~didnt bring umbrella..

* we met up wit leo in the monorail train, he used tat hat again..lol~ then after we arrived at berjaya, we straight went to find food for lunch, hungry as hell! >.< we ate at the chinese restaurant again,the place where me n hiro ate before

* went to BB to cut leo’s hair, hiro accompany him, i went to pavillion and Edy was going her own way already, we all separated there..then i walked to pavillion alone. supposed to be meeting fren there but i canceled it by not showing up bcos of sumting hehe..while waiting for others to come, i walked around alone

* they arrived 1 and half hour later..then we continue our walk~ (hiro already spent alot when they were at BB) leo bought his dreamt jacket at topman, hiro also bought shoes n shirt there (shp shop shoppp). finished shop there, we went to law yat, leo bought external harddisk, we also had our dinner at Shihlin there. next destination was back to berjaya times square again, we dropped by ROMP and they SHOP again~ i bought a cardigan there

leo took this pic n sent it to karen
leo took this pic n sent it to karen

* went back home when got nothing to do already..around 9pm sumting if im not mistaken..cos we back with KLIA train so we didnt need to hurry hehe..

38 guys~
38 guys~

* tired tired tired~ (tons of work are waiting~ T.T)


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