1. lost her? yes,seems like i already lost her,someone to talk to…

2. lost him? i dunno… i cant predict future but i really hope we can back to normal,just pls dun keep ignoring me…

3. lost him? sometimes i can totally lost him..totally means totally

3. lost fren/frens? what shuld i do if im alone here? shuld i get back to my basic?

4. lost trust? im so sorry..

5. lost my mind? maybe

6. lost hope? never stop hoping for the best…

7. lost mark? i think so

8. lost pride? yea,i just wan my happiness..

9. lost money? maybe cos i can do everything to keep me sane

10. lost time? yea, wanna get back the time, every second of it

i just dunwan to lose everything…


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