currently feeling

my random feelings rite now

1. i miss alot of my daily blog ady~ T.T i cant catch up n i dunwan to

2. dun wan to fall into the same other hole again! plz dun let me fall plz plz plz…

3. hate tat bitch!!! feels like fly there n jz kill her!!

4. i HATE lie!! dun even try to lie to me!

5. friendship problem is one of the most headache-ing thing..haiz haiz haizzzzzzzzzz

6. a new surprise today ^^, i didnt hope much…i will jz play along

7. damn Design Research! wan me to burn u down??? shit subject n lecturer

8. got sms-es

9. 3 in mind??? eowhhhhh

10. it is 5.11am when i wrote this no 10 (siao i havent sleep yet!)

11. happy sad confused jealous angry tired – mix to one

12. im 38!

so cuteee~

5 thoughts on “currently feeling

  1. ali-karwoon- im not always look so depress loor..sometimes only ^^,so usually my smile not sweet lar? @.@ hv to learn to smile sweetly now..hehe

    ali-hiro- its me lor, cant change..

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