My besties ^^

still in the same class ^^
our 1st time studio photo ^^
on ruby's bday (my left side from this view)
ruby's departure day to Australis
cindy's departure day to Singapore
on our holiday ^^
melda n me - another holiday gathering ^^
me n cin on my singapore holiday trip ^^

My best friends that have been accompany me for years, miss u guys lots. we have been through alot, sad n happiness, quarrel n sharing. Now each of us are growing older and going on our own paths. Melda in England, Jenny in Medan, Ruby in Australia, Cindy in Singapore n Me in Malaysia. i havent been really intouch with others except Cindy, i really hope u guys are ok there. n Melda! u got a bf now ^^ happy for u, left 4 of us single here! haha..shy Jenny n oma Ruby, time to find ur lover! lol..Cindy n me? we got our own story hehe..

hope we can meet again soon!

miss u guys ^^

(hate my hair style back then >.<)

Coming soon ->> My Friends – My Housemates


5 thoughts on “My besties ^^

  1. I’m really really missing you. It shocks me how much u have changed. Thought u would never listen to chinese songs. Thought u would never bothered much about fashion. Look at u now.. hug.. xxx

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