Halloween Mop


i LOVE spookyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

– hmm..btw, tonite is HALLOWEEN night..n im sitting here all alone~ noone here..sad lonely? yea,tats me now or wat i feel now..or i guess some people think i like to be alone..hmm…im not..for sure..WANNA FEEL A REAL HALLOWEEN PARTY FOR ONCE! lets go clubbing haha!

– HAPPY BDAY WEI KIAT! waiting for u to come back so we can go eat! hoho~

– today ive jz finish 1 shit subject, the design research, not going so well..i was like blah blah blah..where did i learnt to speak like tat?? aihhh..diu (tiu??) lien~

need to give my mind a lil space to breath.or it will kill me to death!!!

wan u to be happy always..choose the right way for yourself,小鸭 ..”

– i jz caught lying..feel bad..i dunno wat to do..i really dun hav any idea what is happening..so sorry…>.< damn… UPDATE —>AND ITS ALL JUST A LIEEEEEEEEEE, they played me!! huh! made me so worried..DAMN..im not angry btw

haiz, tats all for now~ c ya



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