“take me out of this club”

Pussycat Dolls ft R.Kelly

Baby won’t you take me out of this club
I wanna be with you
Baby let me take you out of this club
I make your dreams come true

I smiled enough
I flirted enough
I posed enough
Got freaky enough

Took pictures enough
Conversated enough
I sipped enough
I got enough

I see a cute boy chilling in some jeans and Tims
I think i like him and i just might leave this club with him
And his swagger tight, i’m feeling the tattoos on him
Make me wanna got with him

VIP like “Hey”
Dissing with my girls like “Hey”
Then i call him off to meet me
I couldnt resist, so sexy

DJ get on the mic
And make them … from the front to the rear
Yall ain’t gotta go home
but you gotta get the hell up outta here

I drank enough
I danced enough
I partied enough
I sweated enough

I stuttered enough
I flossed enough
I snapped enough
Two step enough

Now I want this awesome woman up in this club
And i like her and I wanna leave this club with her
Ever since the mama broke it down to the floor
I say she ready to go


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