im-not-in-a-mood Tuesday

today’s short story

– very tired, really dun feel like waking up this morning

– done shooting the short movie!! today really dun have mood..sorry karwoon >.<.until u have to said to me “can you just smile?”..i know i got bad acting hehe..but i hope the movie is good ^^ (more details coming soon-i think)

ms sweety karwoon-ms er chui lei yei-mr hiao victor-mr siao didi jun-mr 38 ali

last nite pic at kopitiam

– lost in conversation~ the mandarin conversation~ i jz sat there like i-dunno-wat~ blame myself..a chinese but dunno how to speak mandarin T.T

– i took a beautiful pic wit my phone tday at Wetland hehe..


– few more days to freedom, hope so

– “i found someone” or shuld it be “i lost someone” ?

– “motherfuckerrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


7 thoughts on “im-not-in-a-mood Tuesday

  1. reli thankful that evendou u feel so unconnected w few tokinchineseppl
    but still u nv hesitate to help us lo!!!
    u don make me eo lo,v reli like to c u smile one eh
    u kno la ur blog full of all kinds of emo stuffs,
    i as such a CARING (again ==) fren sure will ask u to
    SMILE ^^V 1 ma
    cheer up la doinkdoink!!
    sori for not practising hokkien to entertain u
    **feeling guilty emoticon (two fingers pointing at each other) **
    btw,the pic vr nice!!

  2. Hey… ali… im so sorry about this… … We really have ignore ur feeling… aikss…. how can me be so careless… some more im the producer…should take care on all of u… but… gosh…. i feel damm bad now… really sorry… and THANKS FOR EVERYTHING FOR OUR MOVIE @@ love u always =.=

  3. ali, thanks for everything tat u help in our tequivic car prodution…. thanks very much n also i m here to apologize tat we ignoreed ur feeling…. hope sorry could help here…..
    conclusion….. thanks n sorry at the same time….
    BTW, gambateh in ur assignment…… GOGOGO^^”

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