Hello part time job! again~


got a call jz now from JCO~ it means start working again! HHHHHWAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~ hv to imagine how tired i will be again, standing from the beginning of my shift until the end of my shift (read back my crap about working at JCO exactly at my first post) T.T need money, no choice~

Have to see what days they give my shift…i bet they WILL RUIN my plan to go penang..hiks T.T yeeerrrrrrrrrrrr~ dunno hv to angry happy or wat ==”..when got no work i keep complaining, after got work oso complaining..dumb dumb me..

ps: need to wear their outfit again n tat cap! ==” , need to wake up early again, need to train my feet to walk n stand long again, need to put a smile on my face again, need to get used to new workers there, need to find way to safe for lunch there(pavillion ==”), need to see lots of couple again on weekend (jealous haha), will walk alone again in the middle of the crowded at KL on weekend.. all for some cashes~ TATS LIFE


4 thoughts on “Hello part time job! again~

  1. hahaha…hope u got a lot of shift so u go a lot of RM and stop complaining about lack of money on your fully stocked account, u stupid moron! HAHAHAHA!

  2. dun always think about the cash. think of the good sides.
    – u make new friends
    – u can spend ur time appropriately, without getting bored at home. at least.
    – train ur body and mind. i think that it is necesssary to get busy so that we wont think of ‘unimportant stuff’.
    – train ur face muscles. smile smile smile..ampe melar ntar mukany..haha!

    wakatta? (mengerti desuka?)

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