note: dun read it if u dunwan to read crap!

what keeps me alive until now?

i dunno.

my nvr come true wishes? my family? my lovely frens? my so-called-lovely-frens? my future? u? some of them are the reason im not feel like living

ive been changing 180 degrees from my oldself. wonder when i will hv to face all the things that i hv been through all over again this previous months, the feeling of loneliness n betrayed T.T FUCK life!!!

i wan my smile back

i found out lots of things this few days …ive been doing sumting ,again, tat i know will hurt mysel,i didnt see it’s coming..so i really hv no idea..now tat things will haunt me everyday.”relationship is ma fan” tat sentence DO bothers me alot,the other thing tat i found out y i dint get a reply for my message from one of my fren.jz pretend i dint sent tat message

i wan to cry so badly..but i nvr can cry myself outloud..its really killin me softly..so unstable rite now..hiks..


3 thoughts on “fuck!

  1. u know that i will listen to all of ur craps. craps yes! it’s ok li..everyone does it. me too!
    just dun keep it alone ok? even though i am so far, but i do listen to u. still. i care. so dun think that u r alone.

    please open ur mind..

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