Whats new n whats not

Cecilia Ahern's Novels
Cecilia Ahern's Novels

this is wat happen when u r crazy in love! @.@ kiddin~ i bought this 4 novels of Cecilia Ahern,the P.S I Love You author. i dunno why i bought all of these..which cost me 98rm something. WHOA! i think i will slowly read and finish up all when i back to medan.

note: love sucks actually

SE C902
SE C902

Time for a new little gift for myself! the SE C902, 5 megapixel camera,yihaaa (although i prefer the C905 8.1 MP camera >.<)~ Merry Xmas! hehe..thanks to my bro for this gift…actually i plan to buy Itouch at first,my long wish gadget~ but end up i choose phone instead of the Itouch..sorry~maybe next time? hehe..

Nokia 5300
Nokia 5300

My lovely Nokia 5300..i’ll still love u!! dun worry hehe..been accompany me for 1 n half years, through happiness n sadness..IT’S TRUE! i still have my memories inside..i dunno when i can let go..hope soon

note: still the same old me

Lately ive been shopping alot! maybe to pleasure myself from the “no mood”-time. bought some clothes n short n jeans. wan to spend more but have to control myself..money not tat easy to get >.< REMEMBER

note: im coming soon Medan~


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