back to KL

been back to KL for few days, ntg much actually..

*the first day (7th Feb 09) back here was quite tiring, from the airport straight to fetch Karen at Limkok then back to Desa and Cyber a while to drop my luggage, after tat then went to 1U hoho ^^ – we were having a vy kinda heavy n light conversation was fun! both of them were acting n doing a really-crazy-abnormal-kinda-joke evrywhere! hahahaha n for me myself,dint really get wat they were laughing at..LOL but it was still fun to have tat kind of craziness around u ^^V

starbucks - a place called here!
starbucks - a place called here!

ah..we also went for movie tat night. waiting in long line( saturday nite, where alot of couples everywhere ==”) for “Bride Wars” tickets, ended up we got 4 free tickets from a-guy-wit-family,means uncle, for “Pink Panther 2” hahaha..FREE~~

Pink Panther 2
Pink Panther 2

after we finished our movie,which quite funny but oso quite boring, we went for another talk at…er…wat centrepoint..forget ady hehehe…till midnite,talking bout stufffsssss~~~(u know we like to talk) after tat, Karen drop herself back home then we drove back

back home still have to unpack my luggages ==” and i almost forgot i brought rendang here n havent put it in the refridge ==” bla bla bla~ ahh, i more thing..MY INTERNET GOT CUT OFF,u know how angry i was when i know tat,we havent pay for 3 months!!!

ps: Hiro bang the car at Desa! hahahaha..noone notice there’s a big truck behind.sorry~

* the second day (8thFeb 09), me n hiro went to Alamanda to buy daily stuff,my daily stuff actually. aLOT is the word to describe wat we hv bought,eh nono..not alot but HEAVY! hahah..

wanna watch “Inkheart” but the time was not “ngam” then no movie for tat day..went back home n still~ NO INTERNET

* the third day (9th Feb 09) plan to pay the bill for internet, turn out tat day was a public holiday,Thaipusam? haiz..NO INTERNET again..

me on tis day
me on tis day

went out to meet fren later at afternoon,nice fren, took me for dinner n had a chat. -No other comment- reached home around 11.30pm

* the fourth day (10th Feb 09) went to pay the internet bill which cost 375RM, accompany by Hiro,then after tat i went to KL,alone,for my Penang ticket bus n my previous work salary (damn jco paid me less then they shoud hv paid me! fuck them!)

went to watch movie..plan to watch “Changeling” and “Bride Wars” butt…once again the time was not “ngam”, ended up i watched “InkHeart”, a not vy nice movie..ah u knw wat, i sat in the middle of two couples,malay couple n western couple,i dunno how many times tat western couple kissed beside me ==” cant they notice i was watching the damn movie alone there? >.<”


went back home after the movie, damn crowded monorail, n damn rain, i was all wet before i reach the bus station ==”

Internet problem settled this day, n bcos of how i miss the internet, i online first before i finally went to shower(b4 tis i was all wet bcos of rain hehe..)


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