one night at KL

Wat it takes to have fun?? spirit! been going out non-stop for this few days (if 1-2 days break at home can consider a stop lol) hanging out with others till early morning,cos we got car ^^, went for dinner n sing K on the night of Victor-Low’s chinese bday (Happy Chinese Bday to u..) only 5 of us minus victor, wei kiat, katrina.

we had our 1st trip to Cheras,in mission to sent a turtle to a temple which failed in the end hoho..then after tat we went to had our dinner at Nando’s usual,we had our woo choy conversation till 11 sumting if im not mistaken. no other thing to do since all shopping mall ha close, we decided to go sing K at Sg.Wang Green Box around 12.

took some/lots silly pose pics at Sg.Wang there while waiting for our K turn haha..

1st set
1st set
2nd set
2nd set
3rd set
3rd set

after the long waiting, finally we got our room! we entered wrong room actually hahah..but not our fault eh! ^.~ all the best singers were gathered tat night to proved they are the best from the best ahahha~ with variety of songs,malay,indonesia,western,chinese, we conquered our mission v.v

went back home around 3 sumting n arrived safely at home around 4 sumting (passed by police clubbing checking) hahahah


4 thoughts on “one night at KL

  1. woo hooy~
    wee hee~
    la la la~~
    u miss the best part la…

    changing position from the driver to the back seat bcoz ah leo dun have driving license!!

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