J.co,professional enuf?

jco way

suddenly i remember my unfinish bussiness with them (pavillion jco), they dint pay me the salary tat i deserved. as a partimer, each hour salary is vy worthy n as i recall i was aked to add few hours to replace other partimer cos they dint hv enuf worker at tat time. of course i agree cos i wanna earn more.

after i stop doing partime job there,i went to ask for my salary, i received the 1st month payment first cos the 2nd month hvnt been count,ok,i took it without counting it (this was my 2nd time work as a partimer at jco,the 1st time when i work there the manager was vy vy nice, now the 2nd time the manager was already change to other which is like shit) ended up, i received less half n hour salary for tat month,they cut my salary?! just FYI, i nvr late for half n hour. they also dint count my additonal 4 hours, so i tot maybe will be added for the next month salary,ok then i wait.

after few months i went back there to take my left over salary.correct amount of money but they still dint add my additional 4 hours,great! i asked them (act its a she who gave the salary) she said she dint know anything bout tat,its not written,then i complained,she said will check for me n asked for my cellphone number. n guess wat i get? she hvnt call me till now..i jz realised

are they professional enuf as a go-international-branding-coffeendonuts-cafe? damn


One thought on “J.co,professional enuf?

  1. omg……….
    i guess is normall laa.
    no matter how well known a company ..
    they wil owez hv tiz kinda of probs………
    juz nt being publish or known by public..
    get used to it!!
    bt mus fight for it too o..!
    ur hardwork of part-time..
    u deserve d salary wut!!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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