Belated Bday post

another bday post ^^ but this one was belated one though we got celebrated it ady

now was Victor phin tong keng turn (1st March 2009)~ mwahahah~

Victor the Bday Boy
Victor the Bday Boy

n wat we bought him as bday present??? a cake mwahahaha~ a piece of cake and a surprise present – Guinea pig! we named him as “keng keng” instead of “dick dick” again..^^ here is keng keng~

keng keng
keng keng

had a late celebration cos of the bday boy came back late from his lovely Seremban hometown (got new HP wor~^^). we went to Alamanda to have this quite quiet dinner celebration at Secret Recipe then went back Cyber to gv him keng keng as our surprise ^^ of course,we dint forget to take pictures!

bday boy n his frens ^^
bday boy n his frens ^^

Happy 20th Bday Victor zai!

ps: take care of keng keng ya..dun let him die!


2 thoughts on “Belated Bday post

  1. y u call him dick dick b4??
    was dat guinea pig male or female??
    haha..keng keng so funny..
    cute neh.
    i wan 1 also.
    u buy me..blek:-p!!
    now i think a name for him 1st lo……..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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