unnecessary post

it’s been 2 moths since i last contacted u, without counting the last sms tat i sent u without any reply.



lots n lots of question i wanna ask u, the old u. u knw,time can change everyone, it’s like wat has happened to u, cos its not who u are anymore or maybe i jz dunno who u really are. if it is so,then i rather choose to close my eyes n pretend u are still the one tat i knw n  choose to knw.

actually this post is unnecessary, cos i already choose to forget u,as my best fren, n as any other person tat i wan u to be, but the problem is..i miss u in my life


6 thoughts on “unnecessary post

  1. hmm..
    another emo moment missing sumone ..
    me either..
    i can understand hw it feel!!
    treat urself beta yaa..
    i gues sumhow now i no longer keep on stubborn on it..
    mayb lidat i wil more hapi..
    i prefer dat person to miss me rather i miss the person.
    dat feelings was suffer-ing!

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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