1-self day out

Today my mission actually was to do research for my assignement and to watch 2 movies,either Dragon Ball wit Marley n me or Watchmen wit Marley n me buttt unfortunately the plan changed cos

1. suddenly got “appointment” to meet up wit fren for dinner

2. i reached 1U late so the timing was not right anymore

in the end,i had to decide to watch only 1 from 3 of tat movies..sooo considering ive been longing to watch Marley n me since Eddie’s review,so i decided to watch tat! ^^

Marley and Me
Marley and Me

see tat cute dog!??!! hwaaaaaaa i really wan one huhu T.T. if there’s someone or my someone special send a dog as a present i will definetly die in spot! (hehe..pardon me for my over reacting ^^)

and as Eddie’s review (again) which said this movie made him cry,i agree wit him,it made me cry too! damn..why nowadays guy can be so sensitive ?heheh..the ending of this movie really can make u feel touch,if u r a human..a must watch from me (in term to make u feel touch at least) 4 stars out of 5

btw,while i was watching this movie i received an sms which written “i think later cant go meet u cos got meeting so sorry” from my fren. oh well,at first i was planning to walk by myself also,so…i replied its ok. it means i will hv my dinner alone,nt as plan

finished my movie i “proceed” to do my reaserch which failed at in the end hahah..i dunno wat i hv to do?! n im too shy to do research while i look like a shopper (if u knw wat i mean). instead of doing my research i did manage to shop! ==” really cant tahan to see all the sale infront of you..so i bought 1 shirt n 1 pant from PADINI concept store (50% for the shirt n 10% for the pant)

inside fitting room ^^
inside fitting room ^^

my first yellow pant! hahah..need new colour for my outfit,wish to shop more later when Leo back here mwhahahah^^ but need to control myself..dun worry dun worry,i will n i hv to control!

then whoring around to find sumting for dinner,end up i went to KFC (>.< sorryy..really dunno wat to hv for dinner if i went out alone..promise wont consume to much of it ady).soon after finished dinner,went home, wait for the damn Rapid which seems like took it few hours to reach here. I HATE RAPID KL jz FYI

ps: ahh..there’s dogs waiting for adoption which i knw form my fren Leo..n i really wan to adopt 1!!! here’s the dogs

xiao gou
xiao gou

butttt…there’s alot considering for me T.T

1. i stay with housemates

2. dunno where hv to put it inside my rent house

3. who will take care of it when i back hometown

4. afraid i cant good take care of it (i dun wan the dog die bcos im selfish wan to hv a dog)

so maybe i will jz let this chance pass by for the sake of the dog n mine oso..sad sad..wish u can hv a good owner who can take good care of u,xiao gou..


7 thoughts on “1-self day out

  1. wah..
    u watch alone?
    shud ask me aso..
    i aso alone!!~~
    watch movie alone rily diff feelings D
    nt a bad thingy..
    i know y u wil watch d movie..
    part of d reason is there’s doggy..
    n their love raise a dog together..kaka! m i rite?

    do research o?
    ask me around mah..so i can hide for u..n play d role b shopper while u b researcher lo..kaka
    u look yeng in ur outfit dat day..
    n look sunny in d outfit u buy lo..
    so colorful i like it!
    yellow pants..sadly i dun even hv one..lol!
    yup:D..so many sales lately..

    adoption for dog..
    bt u hv lots of reason cant make it..
    too bad~~~
    i know u badly wanted it..hee

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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