meet up

Today is the day ive been waiting for for this past few days hahah^^ cos got plan to meet tat uncle Collin from Kuching ( a very nice guy wit cute smile)~ it supposed to be yesterday but sei uncle cant get ticket to come here so postponed to tday,much better actually ^^ and got extra frens who joined us tday, Eddie (a very “pro” nice guy haha) n Daren(a very nice guy wit calm appearance ^^)

Sooo,we made an appointement to meet at Times Square. i went out from home around 11.15 n have to wait for the damn Rapid KL for around 45 mins cos the bus jz came at 12pm (i hate rapid damn much),it was hot summore

Ended up i was late. they were there ady when i reached,pai seh~ they were waiting for me to lunch i guess hehe,more pai seh~ so we straight went to our lunch at U-Village,a Hongkong restaurant at Sg.Wang but it was full when we reached there ==” ,so we went to hv our lunch at McD hahaha (to meet other fren’s frens actually)

after finished lunch,went for a walk at Pavillion (KL vy crowded tday!) ntg much to do actually so we decided to watch movie but bcos of our Eddie hv watched most of the movie then we dint watch any hahah~too bad~~

"uncle" collin n me ^^
"uncle" collin n me ^^

ermm,after we round “whole” Pavillion,only to find Starbucks to lepak,which ended we dint lepak there,we hit the road to Sg.Wang again (damn damn hot~) back to the U-Village restaurant n finally we got place to sit haha..chit chat there n order some drinks.

at U-Village
at U-Village

done lepak-ing, we still trying to figure out wat to do next,cos its like we really dun hv any plans hahaha,so game-ing was the next destination,we went back to Times Square and had some walking talking things and of course taking pics ^^v

check out our outfit ^^
check out our outfit ^^

note : i dint realize we both wear the same matching colour outfit until uncle Collin told me hahah.. (my shirt is white wit yellow n green lines)

Daren,Collin,Me n Eddie
Darren,Collin,Me n Eddie

after this photo photo session – long story short – Darren went home followed by Eddie,left me n Collin there,we both decided to had dinner at Kim Gary so we walked back to Sg.Wang,then Darren called back n joined us again hahah..too early for him to went back

finished our dinner,we rushed to the Hang Tua monorail station,run n run wit my short leg chasing long leg Collin n Darren hahaha ^^ cos Collin’s bus back to his place is at 8pm n at tat time its 7.40pm ady (luckily he made it)

as me n darren,we head back to KL Sentral n went our own way~

ps1 : i dint feel bored eh uncle collin! ^^

ps2 : collin, darren n eddie are vy friendly n nice person! 🙂


11 thoughts on “meet up

  1. whoa..
    y u call him uncle ah?
    older than u?
    sounded u all wan d plan al blow out..
    end up walk here back there walk again..
    so wen u wana let me meet u ar? lol..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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