my mind

arrghhhhhhhhh~ damn lots of assignments… (really a typical sentence which usually come out from uni students ==” so get over it fella~) feel like no life,everyday (lately actually) jz keep doing assignment,not to mention “steal” lots of time for browsing n MSN-ing (including blogging) cheh~ nvm,i hv to survive,is not the first time i hv to go through this

day dreaming~
day dreaming~

starting the day with bad mood (after i entered my damn animation class) hate tat subject damn much! passing the day by doing “flash” for typography class, and ending the day by missing 2 persons (so greedy~hehe..)no need to mention who r they..but as a clue,the first person wont ever read this,the second person sure will read this (oh,hope so..)

this is jz a random post for tday since i really feel like writing it down.


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