bla bla bla

im dreaming,


i need to wake up

before it’s too late

before i dream too far

n cant wake up

it’s useless to hope

something tat wont be mine

something tat out of reach


12 thoughts on “bla bla bla

  1. wat happen to the blog?


    anyway…u need hope to live~
    cheer up la boii~~

    life is to enjoy..
    not to suffer~~

  2. dreams..owez can b a sweetest one..
    facts in life owez can d cruel-est D
    wake up before is too far..

    n u gona late for!!

    Reality owez d opposite of dreams..

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

  3. well, i guess you really need to wake up and stop dreaming something that is impossible…

    if you need help i can slap you on your face to wake you up LOL

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