meet up again

2 days ago, i got an sms from “uncle”, saying tat he will be coming to KL on Sunday,which is tday,hahah. my reponse? happy! why? i dunno ^^ but kinda forcing myself to go cos i still got unfinished assignment hehe..n for the reason tat i wanna meet him also ^^

im not really going to write my whole story tday here cos i dunwan to- xp

arrived midvalley late from appointment,again~ but unfortunately he was few minutes later from me hahah..walk walk walk walk walk walk  n no movie . then move to KL (joined by Darren n Wilson few hours later), walk walk walk walk walk n no movie also LOL. walk walk nvr been this fun b4 XD

SEED fashion show
SEED fashion show

SEED fashion show at Sunge Wang. all the models were awesome!the look (leng zai leng loi),the gal models’ hair! n the clothes also really nice. anyway, i bought 1 magnetic earing today hahaha..

collin n me
collin n me

bad hair day for collin-according to him LOL but nt tat bad actually,its ok. ah,tday we wear quite similar shirt again-blue stripes n red stripes-why?i also dunno why

me n darren
me n darren
collin, me, darren
collin, me, darren
me, collin, wilson n 1/3 darren (haha,sorry~)
me, collin, wilson n 1/3 darren (haha,sorry~)

the pictures were taken on the top level of Sunge Wang

ps:- wish time dun have to pass by this fast so i no need to go back home (like now) doing my assignments T.T

– wish April never ends =.=


21 thoughts on “meet up again

    1. not many la,cos got my own comments also,tats y it looks like alot hahaha…
      u wan ur pimples there ar..LOL..they are not supposed to be there so i jz kinda make them dissapear hahahah..

  1. whoa..ahem~~~~
    my sixth sense tel me sumthing gone wrong..:D
    haa.. wish april never end..
    it jus started
    i tot u wish it end faster..
    cox u seems hv lots of assignment to rush til no time chat wit me for!!
    miss u

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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