so wats in my mind rite now,wats im feeling rite now..i dunno,my heart n mind start to act again,its really an uneasy feeling,wateva u do wont seems rite. jz like everyting i did is jz trying to make myself feel better. sometimes i feel like i trap in tis world without any guidance or care tat i need. i feel jealous. i dunwan to know or hear or even read ppl’s happy stories. cos none of them is mine for certain. i knw im jz jealous.

ppl said love is a vy beautiful thing tat happen in life. it’s true. if u got sumone tat care for u as much as u do. if not then u will jz feel love is suck. hurt u n make ur life worse. trust me,i knw im right bout tis. damn..

i had a dream. a dream of how much i need sumone’s care, which woke me up wit a blue feeling. who wans to had tat kind of feeling when u wake up? noone. sumtimes the tears jz finding its own way out from my eyes. haha..pathethic. but i jz cant control it,so dun blame me for feeling unloved though its not entirely true cos still, i knw got ppl love me for who i am.

i miss ppl tat i love. really miss them. AWC >.< how wonderful if i got the love back..i really wish T.T

ok, i think i will jz stop my blabbing now

Alicia Keys – Fallin


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