okay,this issue has been abit much for me lately..haha..its not a big problem actually,jz wanna make thing clear..^^v

let me tell u first for those who dint know,im a chinese-indo from Medan, been studying here in Malaysia for almost 3 years.wat i wan to point out here is each ppl really have different sight n opinion bout me.

check me out

my case here

1. Farah (limkokwing’s student service staff) said she tot im from

2. Sam (my multimedia lecture) said he tot im Chinese malay (chinese from malaysia)

3. U said i look like chinese which mix wit malay,which mean 50% chinese n 50% malay =.=” (u knw who u are haha..)

4. Karen said i look like malay (no chinese at all @.@”)

5. my auntie’s fren said i look like korean (well,tis one is impossible hahaha..)

so wat the heck? ahahah..i really dun think i look like malay (which means no chinese at all) seriously?? or maybe cos i dun hv white skin? LOL. im 100% chinese.the only thing is i live in indon since i was born n im not well in speaking chinese.thats it.

ps: Happy Easter Day everyone ^^

love,ah sen


11 thoughts on “what?

  1. Sen, sorry ah… This post is because of me right? OMG… LOL

    Am I right or wrong?

    Wrong – I make you swt… because I forget u are indo-chinese

    Right – I make you got title to post in your blog today… haha…

    Happy Happy Happy to know you… *HUG*

  2. hahaha

    ah sen~~

    why isnt MY opinion is up?

    okay, since i dun get my opinion on the post..
    ill have it here..

    “Leo (my housemate..) said that i don’t look like chinese”


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