David Archuleta

me n katrina
me n katrina

oukay,so on saturday, 11th April 2009, David Archuleta was live in KL, n i was lucky enough can be there hhaha..thx to Katrina for sharing her other ticket to me ^^

the so called “live” was schedule to start at 3pm, but unfortunately it was late.for an hour. so it started around 4pm with 3 opening singers,malaysian singer from One in a million? n Malaysian idol. each of them sang 2 songs. after tat David Archuleta jz came out.as u knw,the fans scream like hell,LOTS of fans are there,around 6000 heads in the medium Sunway Lagoon Amphitheater. he sang only 6 songs –A little not too over u,Crush, Don’t Let Go,Touch My Hand, A Thousand Miles and Angels

check out David sang A little too not over u (this video is not mine,cos i sat quite far so cant really record.damn) i shoud’ve brought my SLR camera wit me if only i knw it was not prohibited.

video credit to RachelHeartDJA

not too much for a “live”. David Archuleta is really a great singer,great voice. just the managemant of the “live” was suck


5 thoughts on “David Archuleta

  1. omg..
    u went to his promo concert?
    oh hw lucky u’r jeolousy!!
    i wish to go.
    but no ticket.
    try to win from hitz fm website contest.
    but shit!!
    cant submit..lol!~~
    then i working in pc fair.cant b 2 places same time.
    i miss it..
    sounded so nice!~
    i wana c him LIVE badly.
    n we both love his sons..
    well i jus miss d one n ever chance…T__T

    o.O Snakey Salmon Fishy O.o

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