Genting Trip

what did i do last weekend? it’s Genting Trip for PCG ^^ frm 12-13 April 2009

when i heard that we are going to do this trip to genting (1 day b4 the trip i jz knw! @.@),i was not really excited actually.why? i dun like genting hahaha..but turn out,this trip was cool! i njoy it very much, maybe cos i went there with a bunch of silly frens XD. there were 10 of us (u can see the pics later ^^)

so wat was fun when we there? clubbing n of course playing at the theme park wit frens! this time clubbing was really “different” i wont mention it here. i was jz really njoy dancing n drinking tat nite. actually, we went to Cloud9 at first but bcos the atmosphere is not meant for clubbing, we went out with our thick face hahahha..i damn phai we went to Safari,yuhuuu,luv it! XD – anyway, we brought under age Katrina clubbing wit us hahah..but we dint let her drink la, we r still a responsible ppl ^^

- hiro (@ Cloud9)
minus hiro (@ Cloud9) - all the gals look amazing tat nite!

trivia : 2 of the people at pics were drunk,guess who?(no offense,k? ^^)

the next day,woke up early n got ready for theme park. the weather was cool but not cold, quite strange cos it dint cold at  after everyone was ready, we hit the road! haha..luckily no rain tat really stop us from playing, if not we will just waste our tickets n time ^^

ah.there was this songkran festival at there.but unfortunately we dint have time to join T.T. this festival explain why there were alot of Thai at Genting tat day.damn alot. n they dint even look like Thai haha..every game tat we queue for sure we will see Thai. they look friendly ^^. i kept searching for “eye candy” at there n i got see some (help by Karen hahah..)dun blame me for tat! 😉

having fun
having fun
having fun
having fun 2
10 of us
all of us

wow,this trip really took all my energy,but still noone felt enough hahah..we shoud probably do this kind of trip again.  agree? actually we shud hv do this trip long time ago!! we waste our time =.=”. u knw why.


1. thx to Victor n Lee yi for the free hotel room ^^

2. thx to Wei kiat n Anne for the pics ^^

3. thx to Hiro for being a hero tat nite (i was forced to write tis mwahahah)

4. we rock! hahah ^^


6 thoughts on “Genting Trip

  1. ya.. responsible by pouring lesser drops?? 😛 hahahaha, nolar, just joking but so fun lar that two days. im starting to miss you all again.. ali:come la, we go and dance. er her. woo choi. hehehe

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