please don’t leave me

i found out tis P!nk MV today – Please Don’t Leave Me. the MV is awesome hahah,a very “P!nk” style. tis can be kinda scary if someone did tat to u cos they dunwan u to leave them. love is jz a really difficult thing,not as easy as wat we knw and see. right or not? haha..

well,since im in lazy mood bcos of the 1 week mid sem break holiday which ended yesterday,i’ll just do blogging ^^. my mind also nw kacau wit sumting,more to confuse which keep me guessing n guessing.feel like i was left in the dark.(eh eh,tis remind me of wat Karen did yesterday on cinema.BIG LMAO!)

how are u going to beg sumone for not leaving u?is there any gudway for tis? or maybe shud jz let them go?tats really one hell of question hehe..

anyway, check this video out,it’s funny n cool

ps: tis song dedicated to sumone who is going to leave soon 😦

love,ah sen


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