last nite,it happened again,i was slapped hard by words which forcing me to wake up from every single of my dreams.i felt so sick n cant sleep cos i wanna cry. went out for a walk to get fresh air dint help much. wanna talk to someone but i was sick of telling ppl about my problems so i try to shut my mouth.

this is not wat i wan, ive been longing to try, to think way to make things work but unfortunately it dint work. no chance. n now it wont ever become true.

been trying not to let myself fall for u from the beginning. but i do fall in the end.n of course ive been telling myself it wont ever work,million million times.but wat am i supposed to do?im stupid. wan to blame me for being stupid? go ahead.

enough enough,thx for reading…


ps: jz forget it after u read tis ppl

how i wish there’s a bathtub here so i can be in it whole day


6 thoughts on “again

  1. you know something? the harder you force yourself to forget, the stronger memory it will be… so just make it normal, dont force yourself! you may concentrate doing other “thing”…

    Just dont force yourself… I always here waiting you to find me… hehe… *HUG* concentrate chating with me also consider a “thing”…ok?

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